Stuck for Facebook post ideas or blog inspiration?

Fed up with wasting your precious time trying to muster up fan-worthy digital content? Then fret no more, my lovely.

Here are 2 solutions to get you unstuck…


Reignite Your Funky Writing Flow –

the 90 minute Ideas Factory Session: £99


My Ideas Factory session is POSITIVELY PERFECT for you if you love writing your own blogs and social media posts BUT:

  1. you’re running low on ideas and things are getting slightly vanillary/beige/yawn-inducing
  2. you’ve lost your way a bit and your blogs can’t breathe for tumbleweed
  3. you’re keen to build up a library of blogs to tide you over holidays and time off (and stop the creation panic)
  4. you want a regular guest blogging experience to expand your brand all over the world
  5. you’d love an injection of fresh ideas… a new perspective… and a wheelbarrow full of blog / content ideas to see you through the next 12 months or so.


Let’s get Skyping together for 90 minutes. I’ll share my enthusiasm and expertise, add some new energy, excitement bubbles and ideas to your business, and help you grow your biz, expand your reach and become the Blogging Envy of all your competitors!


<<<Or if you’d like to hand over your blog & Facebook content creation and build your empire instead… then let me introduce you to my E-Marketing Pick ‘N’ Mix>>>

Here’s what’s included…

*** full keyword + subject research tailored to your industry ***

*** 30 minute brainstorming Skype session to kickstart our project ***

*** blogs that are no less than 500 words in length ***

*** a Pick ‘n’ Mix selection of Facebook post content ***

Here’s the Pick ‘n’ Mix Price Tag…

Facebook Posts – written content only

(with 3 month commitment):

30 posts  = £119

60 posts = £219

90 posts = £319

Facebook Posts – written & scheduled

(with 3 month commitment):

30 posts  = £159

60 posts  = £279

90 posts  = £419

Blog Posts – written content only

(with 3 month commitment):

Ad-hoc = £60 each

2 per month = £100

2 per month (with 12 month commitment) = £80

Blog Posts – written and scheduled

on up to 5x social media platforms

(with 3 month commitment):

Ad-hoc = £75 each

2 per month = £130

2 per month (with 12 month commitment) = £100



Say goodbye to those work-filled weekends and mind-scrambling 12-hour shifts just to keep on top of your online content.

Say hello to a much more chilled schedule… a library full of fab blogs and conversation-inducing social media content… sparkles of new energy in your content… more of the right kind of followers and likers… and oodles of time to yourself.


I know what you might be thinking… yes it all sounds fab but it’ll take ages to explain what I want, who my crowd are and you just won’t get my biz.


In a nutshell… no, it won’t take ages, Guide’s honour.  Word weaving is my speciality.  


And because I ask for a 3 month commitment, I have time to get inside the head of your business, your clients and you (I hope that doesn’t freak you out).  It gives me time to see what’s working and do more of the same, so your business is constantly growing.

I know what you’re thinking now… <and yes I am a bit psychic>… it’s all well and good you saying you’ll write great content BUT how can I be sure it’s what I’m looking for? 

Okay. I understand.  If you need an extra layer of reassurance, let me show you what I can do.  Just get in touch, tell me your web address and your Facebook biz page, and I’ll scope out a blog for you (not write it, just do a paragraph by paragraph summary) AND come up with another 4 titles that I could write a blog about for you. Will that help?


Over the years, I’ve written content for EFT Practitioners, Confidence Coaches, an Osteopath, Law of Attraction Coaches, Business Coaches, VAs, and OBMs, Style Strategists, Counsellors, the Recruitment Industry, the Digital Marketing Industry, a Men’s Make-up Business, a Handmade Crafts Company, and even a (very lovely) White Witch and Energy Healer.


So rest assured, my wordage expertise will work its magic for you, too. 


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