Write Your BRILLIANT Biz Book

The Online Programme

Have you been dreaming of writing your brilliant business book?


Want to build your crowd, get noticed, share your hard-earned knowledge, and make your author debut a successful one?

Then this easy to learn, online programme is for you.


It teaches you how to write a 30,000 word business book in 30 days, using a formula based on daily/weekly word count targets. (Of course you don’t HAVE to write it in 30 days but if you’re determined to hit the Christmas market, this will give you the impetus and practical steps to do it.)


Once you know this formula, you’ll also have a blueprint to continue your book writing adventures. (And believe me, you will get the writing bug!)


There are a few personal requirements…


  • You will need to be motivated, driven, confident and happy to work on your own with a self-taught programme, because, despite the practical support and the 1-2-1 help I can offer, you are ultimately the one who needs to do the writing!
  • You’ll also need a firm idea about your book, too.  If you just like the ‘thought’ of writing your biz book, that probably isn’t going to be enough to get your book finished.
  • Oh, and you’ll need to have good writing skills – or does that go without saying?


Features Benefits

4x online modules

(mainly PDFs and a few videos) to work through at a time and pace to suit your schedule.

  • The Prep Work
  • The Big Brainstorm
  • Get Writing!
  • Sparkle & Shine


  • To help get your book out of your head.
  • To bring your book idea to life in the quickest and easiest way possible.
  • To make it stand out amongst the competition.
  • To give it a professional look and feel.

2x 60 minute 1-2-1s with me

1x session when you sign up to the programme

Plus 1x session to use anytime you like.


  • Together we’ll create the framework for your book.
  • Bounce those ideas around that have been clogging up your head.
  • Get clarity over every aspect of your book and what you hope to achieve.
  • Ask me anything you like about writing your brilliant biz book.

Private Facebook Group 

If you’d like to be part of a book-writing community then you can join our private         Facebook group.


  • You don’t have to join, but it’s there for you to enjoy and use if you need it.

Unlimited Email Access 


  • I don’t want you to be stuck, ever, so you can feel comfortable knowing that I’m around for email contact when you need me.

You’ll also get 25% off any of my proofreading/editing/self-publishing support services when you join this programme.


What you’ll learn:


  • How to write your brilliant biz book! 

  • How to write that first page (that’s sometimes the biggest roadblock for many writers).

  • How much content needs to go in each chapter (instead of having a wafer thin chapter sandwiched between two huge doorstep-type chapters).

  • Some of my sneaky sales tactics to encourage readers to buy your book (if you’re self-publishing).

  • How to add generic content to make your book more high-end than amateur.

  • How to proofread and edit like a professional (once you’ve got that first draft written).


* The cost is £499 – payable in up to 5x monthly instalments.


* We begin on Monday 11th September and doors remain open until 30th September.


Does this sound like your ideal solution to writing your book in 30 days?

Then email thewritersassistant@sky.com and I’ll add you to the priority launch list so you’re the first to receive the sign-up details and secure your place.


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