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If you’re serious about writing your business book and your head is buzzing with ideas, then let me share something with you. These fabulous book ideas will be enough of a catalyst to get you off the starting blocks, but you will need to consider a few other aspects of your journey, before diving into the writing part.


Serious about writing your book? 

I mean, if you’re tasked with (the unfortunate) job of painting your bedroom – I hate painting by the way, and I’m rubbish at it too – you don’t just open the tin and start painting, do you? Because if you don’t wash the walls, sugar soap them, fill in any little delves/holes in the plaster and put masking tape over the skirting boards and door frames, the picture of your freshly painted bedroom and the reality are going to be poles apart. Investing in quality prep work will give you much better results.

It’s the same when it comes to writing your book. Opening a new Word document and starting to type is all well and good if you want to unleash those book ideas, but what about when they dry up? What about when you’ve finished that first draft and you discover a boatload of other books on precisely the same topic as yours? You’re going to be a bit peeved, really, aren’t you?
So before you get cracking, here are 10 things you should consider before even thinking about typing ‘Chapter 1’.


#1 Research the Competition

Once you have a clear idea of your book topic, amble through the Amazon Kindle / Book Store. Spend time looking at what’s already been written and how your book could offer a different perspective. This will enable you to understand what your USP (unique selling point) is and you’ll stand out from the competition, instead of being swallowed up.


#2 Your Book Outline

Brainstorm what your book is going to look like in terms of word count, how many chapters you want to include, the extras (introduction, conclusion, connect with the author – that kind of thing) and break down your ideas chapter by chapter before you even attempt to start writing. This will get you through any wobbly stages, and when you lose your writing mojo on a particular chapter, you can move onto another one instead.


#3 Set a Deadline

Without a deadline nothing gets done. So if you’re prone to faffing, procrastinating and prioritising crazy things like decorating your bedroom, or even cleaning the oven, believe me you will need a deadline if you want to start and finish writing your book! I’m talking from experience here.


#4 Is the Time Right to Write Your Book?

If you’re not in the right headspace, or you have big things happening in your personal life, or you’re focussing on taking your business to the next level, then it may not be the right time to get started on your book. But please don’t use this as an excuse, because as with any project that takes us away from our day-to-day reality, the timing will never be perfect. Give this some thought though, and even if you plan to wait a couple of months, or write it during the summer holidays, or the Christmas break, it could prove more beneficial than trying to squeeze it in now.


#5 Finding the Right Help

Having your own book-writing support team/network/community can make a huge difference when you’re writing your book. Could you use a VA to help pull together cover ideas for you, or do any research for your book? Could you line up an editor/proofreader for when that first draft’s ready? Could you look into the self-publishing journey and see whether it’s worth your while learning a new skill or finding someone to take care of it all for you instead? Could you find an accountability buddy who will be happy to check-in with you each week for a book-writing progress update? It’s a lonely life as a writer (sometimes) so having a good team around you can make a huge difference.


I hope that’s given you an insight into how much more there is to simply writing your business book. Laying a solid foundation, researching the competition, making your book a priority and creating a viable (but realistic) plan to help you get from ‘Chapter 1’ to ‘The End’ will make the logistics so much easier.

If you’d like help to write, edit or publish your book, I can help with all three. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll explain the different ways I can support you to achieving your book-writing dream.

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