Write Your Book

Seriously thinking of writing your book?

Writing a book is an emotional rollercoaster.  I see it with the clients I mentor all the time.


They can go from being excited and thrilled that they’re putting a solid plan in place to write their book, to crippling self-doubt that they’re even good enough to write it, and they want to give up, in a matter of days.


Obviously, I help them find their mojo again, and create a smaller bite-sized chunk plan to help them get back on track, but very often their roadblocks stem from a colourful mix of mindset challenges and bad habits.


So if you’re (seriously) thinking of writing your book, let me help you get off to a head start by explaining which habits to eliminate first.


Habit 1:  Listening to Your Inner Voice


If we all listened to our inner voice, we’d never do anything. Apart from the odd few, most people have a critical inner voice which fires up about anything and everything. ‘You’re not good enough to write a book… who do you think you are? Writing a book? You? Pah! You can’t even spell…’ Any of this sound familiar?


Well don’t listen to it.  If you’re seriously thinking about writing your book, you will learn to put this inner critic in its place. You are so much better than that.


Habit 2:  Procrastinating


This really is a bad habit and it crops up all the time.  Procrastination, or excuse-making, is going to keep you stuck. So if you use the excuse that you don’t have time – make time.  If you use the excuse that you don’t know how to write a book – sign up to a course or get a mentor (I can help with both of these) http://www.thewritersassistant.co.uk/write-your-brilliant-biz-book-online-programme/ and http://www.thewritersassistant.co.uk/work-with-me/spiritual-book-mentor/ If you use the excuse that you’re not smart enough to write a book, either get some help or work on your self-worth (there are heaps of videos and guided meditations on YouTube).


Habit 3: Talking About Your Book


Talking about your book is not writing.  By all means if you need accountability, tell someone near and dear to you, but don’t tell the whole world you’re writing your book if you haven’t even made a start. Talking about your book is, in fact, another guise for procrastination. Less talking, more action please.


Habit 4: Editing as You Go


Editing your writing as you go, means you will never get past the first chapter. The best way to tackle your book is to write the entire first draft and then get your red pen out.  If you’d like professional editing support, because you can’t face going through the whole draft again, then I can help with that too. http://www.thewritersassistant.co.uk/proofreading-editing/ or take a look around Google and do some research into the kind of editor you’re looking for.


Habit 5:  Winging it


Winging it is great for some projects, but not for writing books. One of the first things I do with my Spiritual Book Mentor authors is to create a plan, a production schedule and decide on weekly word targets.  A plan is essential.  It needs to be broken down into chapter numbers, word counts, paragraph numbers and daily/weekly word count targets before it will come to life. Create a checklist/schedule too and that way you won’t be overwhelmed by the enormity of writing a book. But winging it… ditch it.


Habit 6: Prioritising Other Stuff


Prioritising other stuff (like spending chunks of your time on social media / watching any old reality dross on TV and that kind of thing) over your book writing project means you will either a) take months and/or even years to write your book or b) never write the book at all.  Instead, make your writing a priority. Set yourself little challenges like: I’m going to write 500 words each morning for the next week before I do anything else (well, grab a brew first, obviously – that goes without saying). You’ll be surprised at how quickly your word count grows if you start this good habit.


Are you guilty of those habits, too?

Got any more that are hampering your writing progress? I’d love help you find a solution to overcoming them.

If you’d like to work with me on your book, then pop me a message –www.thewritersassistant@sky.com.


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