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I’m musing and I’m in creative mode.  I know that when I am in creative mode I will produce lots of writing, videos and musings and that I will bag a tonne of content that I can use in the coming days.  I know what WAS on the agenda for today wasn’t this BUT when creativity strikes I have learned to no longer ignore her.  My muse will allow me to write and create with ease during these times.




I tried for, what felt like, a bazillion years to run my business on a timetable.  I have always been really strict with myself about being productive and not wasting time.  I started my business when I had little people who were yet to start school and time was VERY precious.  I tried to shoehorn myself into doing certain things on certain days and it didn’t suit me.  Everything took so long.


I would be lost as to what to write about if I wasn’t in the mood to write and my newsletter production could be painful at times.  I was working against myself.  I have worked out that I am a creative soul (not artistic BUT creative nonetheless) and I need to harness my creativity when it strikes.  It comes in bursts and during those bursts things simply flow.  I can write and create content like a ninja.  It’s like it’s involuntary because when I read it back I often don’t remember writing it and I shock myself at what I’ve actually written (usually in a good way).


For so long I worked against it.  For so long I’d plan for the day when I might be in the mood by making a stack of notes in my notebook and hoping that my muse would catch me at some point to make them into a reality.  Now?  I trust my instincts and if I sit down and the words flow then I go with it.  I bag it and use it later.  I’ll save blogs posts in my website, schedule Social Media posts, save drafts and capture dreamy headlines.


Big learning curve!


I also know the stuff that I can do when I feel MUCH less creative too! I know what work I can get done when the kids are around, the stuff I can do on auto pilot and bagging content allows you the freedom to work when you feel compelled to. So, one morning in the Spring of 2017 I had an idea.  I had an idea to create a book.  It started with a frenzy of activity on post-it notes and it became a little plan.  49 hours later I had written a book, YUP ~ a full book (and I went to bed twice during that time period).


How did it happen? 

Well, yes I do love to write and when the muse bites my ass I have no alternative but to capture her words.  When I look back over it, it doesn’t feel like these are words that I actually remember or that I’ve written.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not telling you this in a “look at me” stylee because I have also laboured over a book for over a year.


It just so happens that this book needed to be birthed in a hurry and the labour was quick. What I want you to know is that there’s no set standard for writing your book.  Some books will be birthed quickly and some will be longer, slower (and perhaps have more painful labours).


Work out what suits you and work with that.  It might be that you sit down and write when the mood takes you, it might be that you put time aside and write on a regular basis, or you might have the Stephen King philosophy of writing 2,000 words per day before you do anything else ~ whatever you do, don’t try to shoehorn yourself into a particular way of working.  DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.



About the Author

Emma Holmes: Rebels & RockstarsEmma Holmes is the Proud Owner and Founder of Rebels & Rockstars: a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul.  Helping heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build ridiculously big businesses is her vocation, and she still pinches herself sometimes, that this is actually her job. (She used to be a lawyer who loved living in corporate land, but when mummy guilt arrived, she challenged herself to a new adventure.)

Emma’s also an outsource cheerleader, and a spiritual but practical kind of soul. And she is definitely not scared of a challenge. (She set herself the biggest challenge of her self-employed life in 2015 – to grow a £100k online business without using the ‘tried-and-tested icky sales techniques’ that £100k biz owners usually resorted to.)

Her 2015 success story has since been put to good use (many times), and Emma is positively thrilled to have helped her clients with some pretty amazing online launches – 18k income in one day, launches of £54k+ in sales, and a 30K in 30 days project are just a tiny snapshot of her clients’ achievements.

But what makes Emma beyond ordinary is that she has her own interpretation of business success, and it isn’t about totting up your bank balance.  She knows real, long-lasting business success is about creating a sustainable business you love, which grows naturally, fits around your lifestyle and family, and enables your authenticity, and sparkly personality to shine.

As well as being a real-life human blogging machine, Emma has also been featured on That’s Manchester TV and BBC Radio. She’s written for Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, and MeMeMe.

In a nutshell, she’s proud to be a square peg who doesn’t care about round holes and fitting in boxes. And she encourages her clients to do the same.                                    


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