Would you love to write a non-fiction book or your business book?


It can be a daunting task. But if you have the right support, accountability, a writing schedule and ongoing mentoring, I promise you it isn’t half as scary.


Let me tell you a little more about how my Book Mentor support can transform your idea into a solid, viable and publishable book.






10-12 weekly 60-minute mentoring sessions

via Facebook messenger/video/skype (whichever is the least trouble on the day!).

  • You will finally get your book idea out of your head.

  • You’ll gain clarity over what to write and what to leave out.

  • You’ll have my full encouragement and support to ensure you make that all-important start and keep going through any wobbly stages.

  • You’ll receive my practical advice to break down your targets and next steps in bite-sized chunks.


Email availability in between your 1-2-1 sessions


  • You’ll never feel alone during this book writing journey.

  • You’ll feel confident that we can tackle any challenges which may come up between your sessions.


Brainstorming Ideas

  • You’ll know precisely what you want your book to look like, your publishing plans, your ideal reader, and your vision.

Practical Support

  • To stop any overwhelm from creeping in.

  • To keep procrastination away.

Professional Editing Expertise

My ongoing editing support week on week, chapter by chapter.

  • You’ll be confident that any typos, and grammar mishaps are fixed.

  • You’ll save having to hire an editor to work through your first draft (which can be anything from £12 per 1,000 words upwards).

  • You’ll come up with more ideas based on my weekly feedback and edits.

Production Schedule

  • You’ll know precisely what your chapter aims/word count targets are for every week/fortnight from beginning to end. So no getting overwhelmed… consumed… worried that you’ll not manage.


What you’ll learn:


  • How to get started (that’s sometimes the biggest roadblock for many writers).

  • How much content needs to go in each chapter (instead of having a wafer thin chapter sandwiched between two huge doorstep-type chapters).

  • How to write each paragraph (if you need that depth of support).

  • How to lure in your readers (with different tactics throughout each chapter).

  • How to let your book evolve naturally (based on my editing / mentoring feedback you could bring in a whole new range of ideas that you may never have originally considered).

  • Some of my sneaky sales tactics to encourage readers to buy your book (if you’re self-publishing).

  • How to add generic content to make your book more high-end than amateur.

  • That confidence and mindset will probably be your biggest challenges (and with my continued support and encouragement, you won’t succumb to defeat).



* The cost is £1499 – payable in up to 10x monthly instalments.


If this sounds like your best chance yet of finishing your book then email me at: thewritersassistant@sky.com and we can arrange a no-obligation, 30 minute chat.

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