Write Your BRILLIANT Biz Book

The Online Programme to Help You START & FINISH Writing Your Book

Want to Write your brilliant biz book? Or self-help book? Or non-fiction read?


Do you keep starting… and then stopping when you hit a roadblock?

Have you heaps of ideas… but no idea how to transform them into a book?

Are you great at binge-writing chapters… then do nothing for weeks on end and lose your thread?

I know… it’s tricky trying to write your book alone. 

You get all geared up, and sooo excited when those spine-tingling ideas appear from nowhere. You think you’ve got the next business book best-seller in your head that will put your competitors back in their place.  But it’s often a tricky journey to get from here to the end of your first draft.  Especially when you’ve never written a book before.

That’s why I created my signature online programme.  It could be your best book-writing investment yet. Here’s why…


Write Your Brilliant Biz Book is simple to work through, easy to understand and it strips the whole book-writing process back to basics.  It isn’t full of techy mumbo-jumbo or academic-speak that makes your head ache. I don’t do complicated, believe me. 


You’ll discover how to write a brilliant 30,000 word business book in just 30 days, using a painless formula that can be used time and time again to create as many books as you like.  So once you’ve made your initial investment, you can rinse and repeat for the rest of your author career.


You’ll get my 1-2-1 support, at the start of your book adventure, and about halfway, where we’ll work closely together to tame your book ideas and transform them into a professional, viable, and brilliant book your target audience will struggle to resist. I’ll also ease your wobbles, point you in the direction of some fabby bonus material that will help you put your writing in perspective, and share your book launch details with my ever-growing crowd. 


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